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Your client will be delighted with the animators, which will enhance their impressions of the rest or will smooth out the unevenness of the service. As you know, the experience of the rest consists of several components, where the animators play an important role!

My name is Sergey Cherpakov, I am the founder and head of PR Studio No. 1 in Dnipro (Ukraine).
I have been engaged in marketing and PR for more than 8 years. I organize PR events, promotions and staff training. My experience and creative approach to work allows you to implement bold ideas and increase the loyalty of visitors.

What I offer you:

- Search, training and training of animators from Ukraine for your hotel
- Only the best will pass, selected and trained
- Development of a creative, interesting, fun program for children, women, men and all vacationers. It is really will be cool for everybody!
- A diverse program designed for 10 days, taking into account the mentality of the inhabitants of the CIS countries!
- Your vacationers will tell you "Thank you" and will want to come again!
- To destroy the myth that a Russian person does not come to the same hotel twice!

How much is it:

- The cost of the staff $ 450. VIP staff $ 800 per month. Depends on the level and tasks assigned to the employee
- The cost of the agency work 50% from the cost of staff for 1 month of work
- All search, selection and training services are included in the price.
- It is possible to prepare a special team (artists, musicians, dancers, etc.) 


ANIMATORS FOR YOUR HOTEL What your visitors need!


Search, training and preparation of animators from Ukraine

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Only the best, selected and trained 

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Development of a creative program for children, women, men and all vacationers

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Book the best animators now!
Make the impressions of your vacationers even brighter and more enjoyable!


 For more details or to order a PR service,
please contact me (Russian, English):

viber +380978335656