I have a great PR  offer   for your hotel . That will increase the attendance, awareness and popularity of your place by 100% -1000%!

My name is Sergey Cherpakov, I am the founder and the head of PR Studio No. 1 in Dnipro (Ukraine). I have been engaged in marketing and PR for more than 8 years. My experience and creative approach to work has allowed more than 100 clients to increase their popularity among the target audience. I have been in  the  world tour and visited 50 countries. I know what a service is and how to make it even better!

What I offer you:

- comprehensive analysis of your hotel or business in general
- development and implementation of unique PR solutions to increase awareness, attendance and popularity of YOUR PLACE!
- attraction of bloggers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan to popularize the place
- development and implementation of a loyalty program (or improvement of an existing one)
- search, training, educating ANIMATORS. Taking into account the mentality of visitors to the CIS countries
- comprehensive proposals to improve the service and reviews
- business promotion in social networks (facebook, instagram)
- development and implementation of any other measures necessary for you to increase attendance

How I work:

- I arrive to your hotel with my colleague by 10 or 16 days (depending on the chosen package of services)
- I am situated for the agreed quantity days, gather information, analyze, draw conclusions
- I make you the first offer and recommendations in 7 days
- we coordinate on a further activity breakdown
- I do the implementation of an agreed program for 30 days
- I give you the reports and work product for 30 days
- It is possible the distant services on going concern

 What is included in the price:

- work in a hotel for 10 or 16 days (work with one hotel)
- work with the second hotel of the chain for half the price
- rider (Ukraine-Egypt-Ukraine tickets for 2 persons, transfer to the hotel and back, accommodation on site, 3 meals a day, access to the Internet 24/7)
- PR program + partial implementation (except package number 3)
- the cost of other services is negotiated separately.
- 60 days of online maintenance and observation of results, reporting

How much is it:

Package number 1 - $ 2000 (10 days)
Package number 2 - $ 4000 (16 days)
Package number 3 - $ 10500* (16 days + comprehensive implementation of the PR program)

THE BEST HOTEL OVER THE 7 DAYS - Nothing is impossible!

Comprehensive analysis of your hotel or business in general
pr hotel 01

Development and implementation of unique PR solutions

pr hotel 02

Comprehensive proposals to improve the service and reviews

pr hotel 03



For more details or to order a PR service,
please contact me (Russian, English):

viber +380978335656